Intrigued by the delicate, yet tenacious, nature of flowers, Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen and his research team set out to discover how these plants thrive and adapt in the face of adversity. This led them to the hypothesis that the presence of a wide range of beneficial bacteria regulates the balance of the different microorganisms in the flower, ensuring the health, structure and survival of the plant cell's structure. They discovered that these good bacteria came not only from the flowers themselves but also from microorganisms originating from honey bees.


Charlotte and Karl Kristian recognized how their knowledge and experience translated into a beauty brand that truly recognizes and understands the skin's microbiome. Having both witnessed firsthand the incredible complexion-transforming properties of plants, they set out to establish a line of products that focuses on reaffirming the natural beauty of all. In 2017, with an experienced skincare laboratory in Paris, they worked to create a regime to better preserve and enhance the skin's natural ecosystem by addressing the imbalances at the root of most skin concerns. In 2021, after years of research, development and testing, Kunkeei® is ready to transform complexions. By combining cutting-edge science with natural ingredients, the Kunkeei line of products focuses on restoring equilibrium with uncompromising natural formulations, empowering you to feel comfortable in your own skin.


Bag Kunkeei står danske New Nordic® - der gennem de sidste 33 år har udviklet og produceret kosttilskud, hår- og hudpleje til mere end 43 lande.
Kunkeei er den luksuriøse og eksklusive søster, som henvender sig til alle beauty-elskere, der sætter pris på effektive og naturlige ingredienser, der er udvalgt med omhu og gennem mange års forskning.