Why Kunkeei?



In our scientific microbiome research program, we discovered the secret link between honey and the health benefits that
has been appreciated by cultures all over the world for millennia, a lactic acid bacterium named Lactobacillus Kunkeei.
The name "Kunkeei" originates from this patented bacteria strain which works so well in harmony with your skin.

- Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen


Our unique formulations are infused with pre- and postbiotics to restore equilibrium to the skin's microbiome - a fundamental pillar of Kunkeei's approach to skincare. By choosing to formulate with these key ingredients, unwanted and damaging bacteria, known to cause an array of skin-related issues, including acne vulgaris, are eliminated.

Across our product line, we use our signature key ingredients that work synergistically together and with the skin to balance, firm and lift. Fermented honey, Kakadu Plum and Pomegranate are some of our preferred prebiotics that feature alongside our unique postbiotic-rich Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, which is grown on lactobacillus and wheat.


As well as naturally sourcing our ingredients, we ensure the fermenting process preserves the delicate nature of our extracts while enhancing their beneficial properties. It's through selecting and optimizing high-quality, science-backed ingredients that Kunkeei products are primed ready to nourish skin at a cellular level.

By 'feeding' the good bacteria, Kunkeei products support the production of lactic acid and peptides, as well as the skin's own production of ceramides. However, we believe great skin starts on the inside, which is why we also offer probiotic supplements to complement the pre- and post-biotic benefits of our topical products. The result is a skincare regimen that holistically revitalizes complexions for healthier, 'well-fed' skin.


At Kunkeei we choose a holistic approach to skincare, considering not only how we can support the skin externally, but also internally. Our commitment to ongoing research into the human microbiota ensures that Kunkeei remains timeless and forward-thinking. We are fueled by new insights and evolve with the latest scientific findings, considering the ever-changing challenges and daily pollutants our complexions face. That's why we turn to multi-faceted natural extracts that work harmoniously with one another to reduce inflammation and damage caused by environmental stressors. It's also why our products are intelligently formulated with pre-, pro- and postbiotics that promote the growth of good bacteria and work symbiotically with the skin and its microbiome to deliver a true, healthy radiance.